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        Eve’s Experience

        A small business owner, community activist and former Member of Parliament, Eve was elected 3 times to City Council. Eve has served on the Red Cross Board for over 15 years and has run or organized for Terry Fox for over 18 years. She was elected by Councillors to serve on the following committees and boards in the GTA:

        Management Committee (Chair, $1.6 Billion oversight)
        Audit Committee (Chair)
        Appeal Committee (Chair)
        Human Services Committee (Chair)
        Planning & Development Committee (rotating Chair)
        Budget Committee?(rotating Chair)
        Economic Development Committee
        Health Services Committee (Vice Chair)
        Heritage Advisory Committee
        Museums Committee
        Traffic Safety Council
        Emergency & Protective Services
        Older Adults Working Group
        Ethics & Code of Conduct Committee

        Enersource Corporation (now Alectra)
        Living Arts Centre
        Toronto & Regional Conservation Authority
        Credit Valley Conservation Authority
        Red Cross Society (for 18 years)
        Peel Living (Affordable Housing)
        Partners in Project Green, creating North Ameri’s largest Eco-Business Zone (Founding, Steering Committee Member).

        Eve has also been appointed:

        Honorary Chair
        Multiple Sclerosis Walkathon

        Federally, the Prime Minister appointed Eve:
        Parliamentary Secretary, Veterans Affairs
        Parliamentary Secretary, Health

        Eve has represented nada at the United Nations and
        has received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to Community

        Eve also worked as a Policy Advisor for 8 years at Queen’s Park helping cities.

        Ward 8 Councillor, Hamilton

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